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Some of Koala Net's 60 Clients

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Real Estate Agents
Tom Offermann Real Estate
One of Noosa's leading real estate agencies. Database integration and dynamically updated interest rates page courtesy of Suncorp Metway.

Noosa's biggest real estate site with hundreds of listings, contact details for all our real estate agents and solicitors and more. Very heavy database integration.


Holiday Letting
Business and holiday accommodation in and around Brisbane. Visitors can check availability and book on line.

A wide choice of places to stay in Noosa. Links to Koala Net's holiday accommodation clients.

Holiday resorts, units and houses on the Gold Coast. Visitors can check availability and book on line.

Holiday resorts, units and houses in the Cairns area and Port Douglas. Visitors can check availability and book on line.

Holiday resorts, units and houses on the Sunshine Coast. Visitors can check availability and book on line.

Other Sites
Koala Net
All about Noosa on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. Australian slang, foreign currency converter, Fraser Island and much more. Database integration for the time zones calculator and slang dictionary.

Galileo Movement - Climate 'science' corruption deliberately misleads people and is based on falsehoods and errors.

Artworks Noosa - An on-line art gallery with hundreds of paintings for sale by some of Noosa's best artists.

CSIROh! - Climate of Deception? ... Or First Step to Freedom? Disturbing insights into the CSIRO and the global warming industry.

The UN IPCC Exposed - The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's own figures expose its fraud at the core of unfounded climate alarm and government restrictions and taxes.

Alclear Australia sell their environmentally friendly cleaning products on line and at sociable get-togethers.

Honey Ant Gallery
Featuring Aboriginal art from the desert areas of Australia. Can be updated by the owner through their own admin area.

Noosa Waters residential estate
An overview of the estate including information on the canal, landscaping, Neighbourhood Watch, real estate and recreational activities such as croquet and the Fine Dining club. Also a forum and free classified advertising.